Monday, February 18, 2013

World’s Largest Mustang Salvage Yard

From Mustang Evolution

Everybody knows that saying “I’ve died and gone to heaven”, and this applies to most enthusiasts in this junkyard full of old decrepit Ford Mustangs. Especially, the project guy that has an old classic sitting in the garage.

I’m sure it could go either way, though, as some might consider this a sore sight with so many wrecked and rusted ponies.

This is the Colorado Mustang Salvage Yard.

Colorado Mustang Specialists, Inc. began in a two-car garage in 1972. Mustangs were as numerous as hippies on a Boulder park lawn, easy to buy, fix and sell. 

So, a would be University of Colorado student found a lucrative way to pay his rent and tuition. After graduation the diploma went in a drawer and the horsing around got serious. Wrecked, junked and abandoned Mustangs were cheap and plentiful ... [continued]

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