Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY Car and Motorcycle Painting

By Luis

Someone sent me a link to the YouTube video below.

I have to admit I was not expecting much out of a 10-minute home video, but the guy who produced it actually did a decent job at explaining the basics of how to do small fiberglass repairs, surface preparation and paint application.

As a side note, I prefer to use a small throw-away brush with stiff bristles to help the fiberglass resin permeate the cloth, but I guess everyone has their own approach.

Again, the video shows basic stuff which, oddly enough, are things that many experienced do-it-yourselfers tend to forget or simply ignore.

Having painted more than my share of cars, motorcycles, helmets, bicycles and who knows what else over the years, I can tell you that a good paint job depends on how well you've prepared the surface you intend to spray.

How good you are with a spray gun and how expensive the paint is will not guarantee a good finish. If you fail to properly do the necessary repairs, apply filler, sand the whole surface down till it's perfectly smooth, then apply a couple of coats of primer, lightly sand the whole area with wet fine sandpaper, then clean the part with alcohol followed by a tack cloth, the top coat will only magnify imperfections left behind for everyone to see.

There simply are no shortcuts to a great paint job.

Anyway, enjoy the video and good luck with your project!

Sources: Cousin Dan's channel | Motorcycle Painting How-To Books