Thursday, February 14, 2013

Automotive Photography

From Huffington Post
By James Pankiewicz

I have always loved automobiles, as a child I had book after book about the history of the important marques, and could recite the specification list of all the newest exotic vehicles. As I aged, I began to be interested in not just the cars but also the photography. I marveled at how photographers could freeze a moment in time and use it to tell a story.

Above: Audi S4.
After getting my own car I quickly began to modify it, opening my eyes to a new world of automotive culture. The aftermarket automotive culture is composed of a variety of different groups of people, but all are united in the spirit of modifying cars to be better in some way. This group of people is where I have met many of my friends and fellow photographers.

Above: Porsche 911 interior.
Now, wherever I go, I can never stop thinking about photography. Whenever I see a unique location, I imagine what kind of car could be best photographed there. Capturing not only a car but the atmosphere around it is what can make a photograph tell a story.

When photographing an automobile I try to capture more than just a picture of the car; I try to capture the aura of the car. In my opinion, the most important components of any photograph ... [continued]

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